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1501 North Queen Street 
Kinston NC, 28501 US

Background & History

Joseph’s, headquartered in Kinston, NC, was founded in 2007 by a medical professional from the Eastern North Carolina region who observed the needs of individuals with a diagnosis of mental illness and/or substance abuse in addition to individuals seeking support for an intellectual/developmental disability.   When North Carolina restructured its mental health services to focus on community reintegration, it created an influx of displaced members with unmet critical care needs. Joseph’s was established as a result of a needs assessment that identified gaps in the community to serve adults and youth and is committed to empowering our members to becoming productive and positive members of society. 

Our agency is licensed by the State of North Carolina Regulatory agency, Division of Health Services. Joseph’s is a (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) CARF-accredited provider agency and (Critical Access Behavioral Health Agency CABHA certified. The agency serves approximately 200+ members per month in an array of services.

Joseph’s is led by a Master’s level qualified professional with over 35 years of service in the Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse services. The agency’s professional staff consists of a Medical Doctor of Psychiatry, Clinical Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist, Master’s level Qualified Professionals, Bachelor’s level Qualified Professionals and Associate and Para-Professionals.


Our mission is to help individuals and families effectively navigate life's challenges by providing mental health services and support. We empower our community members to improve their lives by using services we offer; these services will help individuals to enhance or acquire essential skills to live successfully in the community. We provide an array of clinically appropriate, person-centered support services that enhance and improve one's quality of life.   

 Joseph’s has over ten years’ experience providing comprehensive mental health services to North Carolina residents. Joseph’s has a renewed focus on service provision and a mission to address the alarming disparities affecting the mentally ill. We aim to leave our fingerprint in every community we serve by significantly expanding services in a way that reaches the culturally diverse populations in all communities. Through outcome-driven service delivery, forming partnerships, and the experience of our administrative and clinically competent staff, we have accomplished our strategic objective to become a preferred provider for professionals and members throughout North Carolina.